Grimnasium at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

While my goal was not to start off the blog with two posts about the Indianapolis Children’s Museum in one week, both The Science of Ripley’s Believe it or Not and The Grimnasium called for separate blog posts. There was just too much to see to put them both in one post. We were so lucky to get to preview Grimnasium last week before opening day on October 11th. A big thanks to The Indianapolis Children’s Museum for hosting us. 

Grim-nasium was spooky and eerie. It was everything I love about Halloween perfectly executed. The details were amazing. Each room had so much to look at and take in. From the locker room, to my personal favorite the gym pool, and the marching band. The Children’s Museum Guild’s Witches outdid themselves yet again. I think the best way to show you is in pictures so you can see a bit of what to expect if you are taking your kids or going for a spooky date night.

Gertie the Yeti at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Gertie is in every room of Grim-nasium.

I do want to highlight one thing first: Gertie. Gertie is the Yeti that is in every room of Grim-nasium. My kids are under 3 and even with lights on, Max was a little nervous. Max wanted to go. I left the decision up to him but he has a LOVE/unsure relationship with all things Halloween. Like begs me to go down the aisles at the store so he can see the Halloween decorations and then covers his eyes. Greti was the real MVP of our Grim-nasium experience. Looking for Gerti gave Max a task to get excited about. We found her in every room and made our way through. Max still talks about Gerti. And a giant fly. He was really mad that I didn’t get a photo of the giant fly that scared him so he could show Daddy.

For those of you with little kids or those that scare easily (That includes me), The Children’s Museum has lights on hours. You can expect upbeat music and friendly faces as you walk through. For the older kids and those of you who love to be scared, check out the lights off hours for a spookier experience. Look at the schedule on The Children’s Museum website before you go. Museum entrance is not included in your Haunted House ticket but you do not need to enter the museum to go through the haunted house. Tickets are $8 and you can find additional details on their website that I’ve linked at the bottom of this post.

ps… I am also giving away a pair of tickets for Grim-nasium on my instagram Giveaway runs through midnight on October 11th. Good luck